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时间: 2019-09-02来源: 学科办

报告题目:Interdisciplinary research on irrigation and development: two Indian examples

报 告 人:Peter Mollinga,伦敦大学亚非学院教授

人:陈风波  副教授

时    间2019年9月3日(星期二)  上午10:00

地    点:经济管理学院602



This seminar presentation discusses how I have attempted to study large-scale canal irrigation in India in an interdisciplinary way. The first example is my PhD research of the early 1990s, where I tried to explain the unequal distribution of water in the Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal irrigation  system in  the State of Karnataka. The second example presents ongoing research  in the Sardar Sarovar canal project that tries to understand the broader societal impact of  large scale water infrastructure on development in the State of Gujarat. 



Peter Mollinga目前在伦敦大学亚非学院发展研究系工作。他主要研究涉及水和灌溉的政治经济学,特别是针对南亚和中亚地区的研究,发表论文90多篇,他也是Integrative Water Resource Management杂志的主编;他最新的研究主要关注农村移民对农村变化的影响,也是欧盟AGUMIG项目(H2020)项目主持人,他在自然资源管理领域的跨学科定性比较分析方法上有长期关注。


Peter Mollinga currently works at the Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London. He dose research on the politics of water and irrigation, particularly in South and Central Asia; have started new research on the impact of migration on rural change (EU H2020 AGRUMIG project lead)migration, and try to develop an 'urban metabolism' perspective on (urban) sanitation. Methodologically, he is interested in developing systematic qualitative comparative analysis methohodologies for the topics of his research, and in inter&transdiciplinarity in the field of natural resources management.