Department of Agricultural Economics

The department of Agricultural Economics and Resource Management offers an undergraduate program in Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management and has Ding Ying Innovative Experimental Class and Outstanding Talents Class.

Main Research Areas:

Rural Economic Development: Theories and Policies

Rural Economic Organizations and Institution

Forest Resource Economics and Sustainable Development

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Chen, Fengbo

Vice Chair: Assoc. Prof. Li, Yi


Department of Economics and Trade

The department of Trade and Business offers an undergraduate program in Economics and International Trade & Business.

Main Research Areas:

Foreign-oriented and Industrial Development

Performance Evaluation of Preferential and Supportive Policies for Agriculture

The Economy of Litchi and Longan as an Industry

Institutional Change and Rural Development

International Trade: Theories & Policies

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Zhou, Wenliang

Vice Chair: Dr. Wang, Wenzhong


Department of Accounting

The department of Accounting offers an undergraduate program in Accounting.

Main Research areas:

Corporate Governance and Information Disclosure

Corporate Financial and Investment Management

Tax and Technology Policy

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Zhou, Xiaochun

Vice Chair: Assoc. Prof. Fan, Haifeng


Department of Finance

The department of Finance offers an undergraduate program in Finance

Main Research areas:

Financial Development and Micro-Finance

Assets Pricing and Corporate Finance

Rural Finance and Regional Finance

Chair: Prof. Zhang, Lezhu

Vice Chair: Dr. Cai, Jian


Department of Business Administration

The department of Business Administration offers an undergraduate program in Business Administration and Human Resource Management.

Main Research areas:

Agribusiness Management

SME Management


Human Resource Management

Rural Human Resources

ChairAssoc. Prof. Yang, Xueru   

Vice Chair: Assoc. Prof. Li, Hua


Department of Marketing

The department of Marketing offers an undergraduate program in Marketing, E-Commerce, and Logistics.

Main Research Areas:

IT Diffusion Behavior of Agri-Organizations

Strategy & Management of Agri-EC

Customer Behavior and Marketing Tactics of Agricultural Online Markets

Customer Behavior of Agricultural products

Channel and Strategy Management of Agricultural Products

Brand Management of Agricultural Products

Optimization of Agricultural Supply Chain and Logistics System

Quality and Safety Management of Agricultural Products

Chair: Prof. Yi, Famin

Vice Chair: Assoc. Prof. Wang, Xiongzhi